Summer’s Coming: UAE to see rapid weather changes

By Divi S.

ABU DHABI 21 March 2019: The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), has said that the transition period from winter to summer is characterised by a quick change in atmospheric pressure patterns, which will cause a rapid change in the weather parameters.

In its seven days forecast issued yesterday, NCM projects that the country will experience from today a rapid change in weather, where temperatures will rise, also wind speed will accelerate causing blowing dust and raising sand, reducing horizontal visibility and causing scattered rainfall at different time intervals, with thunder activity at times.

It further stated that a surface low pressure extending from the south of Saudi Arabia with upper air trough from the west would cause the cloud cover to move from the central and southern of the kingdom towards the country at times. Due to a deepening of the surface and upper low-pressure systems on Saturday and Sunday, clouds will continue to flow from the west associated with some convective clouds, and different intensities of rain over scattered areas, especially over north and eastwards, said Wam.

According to NCM, clouds at different levels are expected to continue moving from the west towards the country on Monday till Wednesday, with a chance of rain, especially over the northern and coastal areas from time to time.

The NCM further said, that fresh to strong Southeasterly to Northeasterly winds from time, will cause blowing dust and raise sand tends to reduce the horizontal visibility, and wind speed will be 25-40 km/h reaching 65 km/h at times.

For sea conditions, the NCM forecast said that it would be rough to very rough at times, especially with the vicinity of convective clouds in the Arabian Gulf Sea, and rough in Oman Sea.

Dubai Gazette