Wife, lover kill husband in Dubai

By staff

A man used a rick to kill his closest friend with the help of the victim’s wife before he took the body to an isolated area in Dubai and set it on fire.

The wife agreed with her lover to get rid of her husband following persistent marital problems, according to the emirate’s top cops.

He then met his friend outside and told him he wanted to reconcile him with his wife. He then asked him to let him tie him up and take him to his wife so she will forgive him.

“He hit the unsuspecting husband with a rock on the head…he then took him to an isolated area in Qusais and tried to set the body on fire,” Dubai’s police commander in chief Lt General Khamis Al Mazina said.

“But he discovered that his friend was still alive…so he banged his head against the car’s door many times then placed the body in front of the vehicle and ran it over again and again until he was sure the husband was dead…he then set the body on fire.”

Deputy police commander for criminal affairs Major General Khalil Al Mansouri said the body was still burning when it was discovered by a dustman.

He said the wife had initially told police her husband had been missing in the sea but she collapsed and confessed to the murder during interrogation.

He said the husband was murdered on Oct 15 by his “closest friend” who had a relationship with the wife for nearly two years.

Dubai Gazette