1,000 ‘flesh-eating’ pirhanas found in Dubai

By Angel Chan

DUBAI 8 February 2019: The Green Planet welcomes 1,000 piranhas to its ever-growing family, offering visitors the exciting opportunity to experience a rare, up-close look at the famously ferocious creatures from South America – if they dare!

Located in City Walk, the indoor eco-system is now home to 1,000 of the infamous pygocentrus nattereri, also known as the ‘The Red Bellied Piranha’. The species is deemed as one of the more dangerous and aggressive of its kind and is famously known for its razor-sharp bite that’s capable of taking mouth-sized chunks of flesh out. However, fear not, it’s more fiction than fact that piranhas feast on humans and the experts at The Green Planet are ready to smash this Hollywood stigma.

The latest addition to the popular attraction will take up home in the Flooded Rainforest, alongside fellow aquatic life including the picturesque Motoro Rays, and the impressive Archer Fish. Experts will be on hand to educate the public, and daily at 4 pm, visitors will be able to witness a live feeding frenzy like no other, as the hungry 1,000 devour their food with their razor-sharp teeth.

Paul Parker, General Manager – Family Entertainment Centers said: “We are beyond excited to announce the newest addition to our ever-growing species and offer an all-new experience to our fans. We also look forward to rewriting the piranhas fearsome stereotype and educating the public on this fascinating creature.”

Dubai’s answer to an educational and recreational bio dome, The Green Planet is home to over 3,000 plants and animals, plus the world’s largest indoor man-made and life-sustaining tree. The school of piranhas will be joining a host of exotic and rare creatures, including the Linnaeus two-toed Sloth, the Burmese Python, the Squirrel Monkey, Sugar Gliders and a Bat Cave!

Some other fun facts about the piranha that you may not believe:

Piranhas bark!
The word piranha means “fish tooth”
Piranhas have lived in South America for millions of years
Piranha teeth are pretty intense but replaceable
The Piranha family includes both Carnivorous and Vegetarian species, some are cannibals!
When hunting prey, piranhas go for the tail and eyes
Piranhas swim in schools for safety, not strength
Pirhana only attack for food and even then they are mainly scavengers that pray on injured or dead flesh. They are quite shy and retiring when not hungry
Piranhas seem to be attracted to noise, splashing, and blood