1,200 private aircraft to be registered in Mena in 2020

The business aviation sector in Middle East is predicted to reach a volume $1.2 billion by 2020, with a fleet comprising 1200 private aircrafts registered in Mena region, according to MEBAA airshow site.

The strong demand is explained globally by the globalisation of trade, the appearance of new markets, the introduction of new aircraft programs and the international expansion of operators in the charter and fractional market.

Regionally, this booming sector replies to specific need of a busy lifestyle for local and visiting decisions makers who seek comfort, efficiency and flawless time management.

“More and more private jet owners in the region are getting conscious of the necessity of hiring an independent aircraft management company with skilled engineers and experts instead of counting on companies with local capabilities. They are paying the price to purchase their private asset, and would want to keep their investment in good hands,” said Zaher Deir, Managing Director, Rakjet, a private jet management company.

“With a 60 years’ experience, our company has been launched in the UAE to address a specific need of comprehensive private aviation solutions, the UAE holding the second biggest fleet of business aircraft in the GCC countries,” said Hugh Courtenay, Founder of Rakjet.