255 ‘ugly’ structures spotted in Abu Dhabi area

By Eudore R. Chand

Violations for ‘distorting urban appearance’

ABU DHABI 5 November 2017: The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has carried out an extensive campaign to control eyesores marring aesthetic appearance and violations in breach of the Public Appearance, Health and Public Tranquility Law in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Municipal inspectors cracked down in Musaffah Industrial Area and spotted ??255 violations related to storing materials, goods and precast structures such as caravans, equipment and tires on rooftops, balconies, public spaces, and shops facades, in a way that obstructs traffic and pedestrian movement, distorts the urban appearance of the city and creates a breeding ground for insects and rodents, said Wam.

Under the law, a fine of Dh1,000 is given to offenders, who can take advantage of a ‘reconciliation payment’ of 50 percent of the due fine if they follow the terms of the Municipality. If the offender fails to report to the Municipality, the case will be referred to the Public Prosecution dept., where legal proceedings will be taken.

The campaign is consistent with the provisions of Law No. 02 of 2012 for preserving the public appearance, health and tranquillity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The campaign reflects the Municipality’s keenness to establish the best standards relating to the overall appearance of the city. It also echoes the Municipality’s ongoing endeavours to combat eyesores, enforce the public health and safety requirements and nurture a safe living environment free of any ‘distorting’ elements.

The Municipality said it would carry out awareness campaigns highlighting the importance of preserving the civilised appearance of the city in the public interest. Community members are urged to eliminate practices that undermine the general appearance of the city by refraining from randomly placing any materials or equipment that distort the general appearance and pose a risk to public health.