5 AC problems UAE residents face every summer

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DUBAI 28 July 2017: There are some issues with air conditioning in your home that are likely to crop up every summer. What are they? ServiceMarket, one of the leading online marketplace for home services in the UAE list out 5 most common ones.

1. Is your AC not working at all? More often than not, the issue is with the electrical supply. There could be two reasons for this: you are either not getting power from or your circuit breaker has cut off the electrical supply. Check with your utility provider to make sure the service hasn’t been disconnected due to issues as non-payment of bills. In the latter case, instead of trying to reset the circuit breaker yourself, book a maintenance service to figure out the root cause of the issue. Switching on a malfunctioning AC unit might damage it further.

2. Is your AC working but not cooling your room properly? You need to check for multiple issues if this is the case:
● Dirt or other particles in the water can block chilled water strainers
● Dirty filters can restrict the flow of cool air
● The actuator, which controls the flow of cool water through the unit, could be either blocked or worn down
● Warmer water is running through your building’s air conditioning system. The most likely reason is that your service provider isn’t able to keep it chilled due to a sudden surge in demand.
Figuring this out isn’t always a straightforward process, so be sure to get professional help to get your AC fixed quickly!

3. Is very little air coming through? The possible causes include a malfunctioning fan motor or capacitor. Fan motors can burn out due to accumulation of dust if you don’t clean it. To prevent this you should book an AC cleaning service regularly and replace the motor if it’s more than 3 years old. The other culprit might be a faulty capacitor. Your AC’s fan motor won’t work properly if there are issues with the capacitor that controls it.

4. Is it blowing out warm air? Check your AC manual or consult your vendor to find out if your AC’s thermostat is powered by a triple A battery. If that’s the case, then you probably just need to replace the battery to fix the issue. If not, it’s probably because the thermostat is malfunctioning and you’ll have to book a AC repair service.

5. Do you smell something strange? Ignore strange smells at your own risk! Watch out for the following smells because they might be indicators of major AC problems:
● If there’s musty smell in your room, be sure to get your AC serviced immediately. Mould and fungus in your AC unit is probably causing this smell. In addition to damaging your AC unit, it can also pose a serious threat to you and your loved ones’ health. Fungus is an allergen and can even trigger attacks of asthma.
● Can’t figure out what’s causing the burning smell in your room? The smell might be coming from your AC unit. From malfunctioning AC motors to faulty wiring, there are a number of issues that can cause this burning smell. None of these faults should be taken lightly as they can seriously damage your unit if you don’t get them fixed urgently. Book a reputable company that specializes in AC repair in Dubai before it’s too late!
● Smell gas? Yes, you’ve guessed correctly. The coolant is leaking out, and as it does so, it will also significantly affect the cooling capacity of your AC. Your AC maintenance company in Dubai will refill it after fixing or replacing the damaged component.

The most effective way to figure out the issue and get it fixed without losing any sleep is to get in touch with a AC maintenance and repair company.

5 Common AC Problems Dubai Residents Face Every Summer - Infographic - ServiceMarket

By Angel Chan