7-year-old’s message: I’ll enjoy my childhood in Heavens

Died of nervous disease

A seven-year-old boy left a heartbreaking letter for his friend before he died.

Marshall Clark, from the Southern UK town of Plymouth told his friends that he will be able to ride slides, eat strawberries, run, talk and enjoy his childhood in heaven.

The schoolboy was robbed of doing his favourite things for three years due to rare genetic illness Late Infantile Batten Disease – a disorder in the nervous system.

Little Marshall was left bedridden for 10 months and lost vision, mobility and ability to communicate.

He died just days before his eighth birthday and his grieving family published his message to his loved ones on his grandmother Elsie’s online blog.

She said: ‘He is in heaven now. This was his hell and now he is free.’

In the letter, Marshall had described all the things he was now able to do.

He wrote: ‘It’s okay because nana has told me all about it (heaven)and about all the wonderful things I will be able to do when I am there.

‘There will be loads of slides and strawberries and cupcakes and I will be able to eat again and run and watch videos.

‘Be happy for me that I am no longer trapped in a body that stopped me from enjoying my childhood. I am now free to do all the things I have missed so very much.’

Dubai Gazette