>800,000 UAE drivers get ‘black points’ cancelled; Were yours?

Abu Dhabi Police cancel black points for minor traffic offences

ABU DHABI 6 July 2017: About 883,000 motorists have had their black points for minor offences removed from their traffic file as part of Abu Dhabi Police’s initiative for the Year of Giving, which aims to give motorists a chance to clean up their act and start observing traffic rules and regulations.

Abu Dhabi Police announced earlier that black points in minor traffic violations registered against drivers on the city roads before 1st July would be cancelled, said Wam.

Major Suhail Al Qubaisi, Head of Traffic Fines and Vehicle Impoundment Section, Directorate of Traffic and Patrols, Abu Dhabi Police, said this step would motivate violators into changing their behaviour and learning to comply with laws to enhance the force’s efforts to make city roads safer.

“Motorists who committed certain major violations including driving dangerously, exceeding maximum speed limit, jumping a red signal, driving in a way that endangered people’s lives, driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar substances, will not have their black point written off ahead of the enforcement of the amended regulations of the Federal Traffic Law No (21) of 1995 and Cabinet Resolutions (177) and (178) of 2017,” he explained.

He added that campaigns to heighten public awareness about the new traffic amendments will continue through media outlets and social media platforms.

“The safety of motorists and pedestrians is the top priority for the police,” he affirmed.

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By Angel Chan