ABN Amro becomes DGCX clearing bank member

Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) welcomed ABN Amro Clearing Bank N.V. as a special clearing member on Dubai Commodities Clearing Corporation (DCCC). DCCC is a wholly owned subsidiary of DGCX and acts as central counterparty for all trades executed on the Exchange.

ABN Amro Clearing is a global leader in clearing and post-trade services and has a strong client base of active liquidity providers and principal trading groups. ABN Amro Clearing consistently ranks among the top three clearers in every time zone, based on turnover and market share.

As a Special Clearing Member, ABN Amro Clearing’s presence will expand and deepen access to DGCX, the Middle East’s largest derivatives market. International trading firms and clients can now use the bank’s global post-trade services to access DGCX. ABN Amro Clearing’s global footprint and leading service offering allows customers such as proprietary trading groups, hedge funds and high frequency firms to stay globally competitive with low turnover strategies.

Gaurang Desai, CEO of DGCX Group, said, “We are excited to welcome ABN Amro Clearing as a new clearing member, as this will further augment our client base and widen participation to DGCX’s diverse product range. ABN Amro Clearing is a global leader in clearing services and its addition to the DGCX community further demonstrates our ability to offer a platform for international banks to expand and build their global footprint in this region. As the largest derivatives exchange in MENA with full fledged CCP operations, DGCX Group is well poised to offer global clients, secured settlements and capital efficiency, thereby helping them safeguard against potential counter-party risks.”

DGCX is the only Exchange in the region to offer local clearing house facilities; by acting as the seller to every futures contract bought and the buyer to every futures contract sold, thereby guaranteeing settlement. DCCC is the first CCP in the region to tie up with Euroclear and Clearstream to provide efficient collateral management solutions. This along with ABN Amro Clearing’s signature collateral solutions with cross-margining benefits across various liquidity venues further improves the scale and liquidity for clients wanting to access key emerging market venues via DGCX.

“We are pleased to be live on the DGCX offering clearing services and see it as an important link in our global offering.  Our broad client base of liquidity providers will now be able to take advantage of our correlated risk tools for optimising collateral in a new jurisdiction and be able to bring the DGCX’s suite of products into their global portfolios”, says Martin Frewer, global director PTG at ABN Amro Clearing.

Clearing and financing over 16 million trades per day, ABN Amro Clearing covers 90 of the world’s leading exchanges across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. Our international network provides comprehensive market access to exchange-listed instruments such as stocks, futures and options. It also covers non-exchange listed investment instruments and alternative products including bonds, OTC derivatives, warrants, forex, forwards and energy and commodities.