Abu Dhabi Police warn against suspicious links

By DG Staff

ABU DHABI 5 April 2020: Abu Dhabi Police have warned against suspicious links sent via social media and emails, urging the public to look out for such text scams.

Text scams may include links for travel websites for canceling prior bookings on coronavirus outbreak, or links to download some social apps, which could be maliciously designed to hack personal data, including user names, passwords and credit card numbers.

Abu Dhabi Police advised users not to click on any suspicious links, which could be fraudulent and in most cases have nothing to do with the institution fraudsters claim to be affiliated with, said Wam.

Users are strongly advised to verify the authenticity of these websites and links and never to reveal their confidential data or transfer money under threat. They are also requested to immediately report any such malicious attempts to Abu Dhabi Police by calling 8002626, or email ecrime@adpolice.gov.ae. to report any cybercrime.