Abu Dhabi signs $1 billion invest pact with India

By Eudore R. Chand

NIIF and Adia sign investment agreement

MUMBAI 17 October 2017: The National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF), of India has signed an investment agreement worth US$1 billion with a wholly owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (Adia).

As part of the comprehensive partnership agreement, Adia will become the first institutional investor in NIIF’s Master Fund and a shareholder in National Investment and Infrastructure Limited, the NIIF’s investment management company, said Wam.

Sujoy Bose, Chief Executive Officer of NIIF, said, “This agreement marks the culmination of an extensive process of collaboration with Adia to develop an investment structure that is attractive to international investors while remaining closely aligned with the NIIF’s objectives. We are proud to have Adia as our founding partner, and grateful for its support and contributions to date, and we now look forward to announcing further agreements with other investors.”

Adia HQ
Adia HQ

Khadem Al Rumaithi, Executive Director of the Real Estate and Infrastructure Department at Adia, added, “The NIIF is set to play an important role in facilitating the flow of foreign capital into India’s infrastructure sector. As a long-standing investor in India and in infrastructure globally, Adia welcomes the opportunity to be the first to partner with NIIF in a platform that is sure to be of interest to other long-term institutional investors.”

The NIIF, an institution sponsored by the Government of India, is a fund manager that seeks to create long-term value for domestic and international investors seeking to invest in energy, transportation, housing, water, waste management and other infrastructure-related sectors in India. It acts as a collaborative investment platform for international and Indian investors.

This was predicted by Emirates News 24|7 on 6th September 2017.

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