How you can choose the best bookkeeper in Dubai


DUBAI 15 November 2020: A bookkeeper is similar to an umpire in a cricket match, who judges and acts according to what he observes and studies. The decision taken by the umpire affects the end result. The importance of bookkeeping services in Dubai is increased due to the implementation of VAT. In business the bookkeeper records and analyses all the transactions, hence he plays with the numbers and records them in a significant manner for the smooth flow of business. He is a core person of the business because he is the one who states the rate of success on the basis of the financial transactions. However, with a lot of individual bookkeepers and bookkeeping firms in Dubai, it is pretty hard to find the best bookkeeper in Dubai who offers the finest service. This article will help you find the right bookkeeping person who can deliver you the best service for your business. 

Who can be the best bookkeeper?

Anyone can be a bookkeeper irrespective of qualifications if you have an idea of how to record a transaction and evaluate its effects on the business. But if you want to become the best one then you must have the ability to handle the transactions in a professional way avoiding the erroneous situation. The objective of every bookkeeper is to record the transactions and summarize them, it is not simple as it seems to be, you must have a thorough knowledge regarding each and every minute changes in the transactions of a business. In addition to that, he must be specialized with the technologies which are to be used to carry out the process. The law of the land is also a key element where the bookkeeper must be aware of every law and changes in them to safeguard the business from legal consequences.

If an accounting firm in Dubai outsources the accounts service to a bookkeeper, then that professional must be aware of the prevailing laws such as VAT, wages protection system, IFRS etc. In addition to that, he must know the main objective of the firm, their requirements, the nature of business etc. these are some of the main areas where the bookkeeper must keep detailed knowledge to provide best services to its clients. 

Hypothetically, if the firm chooses the bookkeeper proportionate to the qualification stated above, then there may be only minimum chances of errors and inaccuracy. When the professional is made clear to the main objective of the firm then it makes it more convenient for them to carry out their service. They can easily identify any type of loopholes in the transactions if they have good experience in this field. And the statements should be self explanative and should be easily understandable by other professionals.

Things to be examined before selecting a bookkeeper in Dubai

Before selecting a bookkeeper, the firm must assess the financial resources which it can discharge for accounting. Then it must appoint the bookkeeper according to it, i.e. within the budget of the firm. The firm must do thorough research regarding the service renderer, such as the goodwill, credibility, feedback from their customers, experience, liabilities and consistency etc. so that they can trust and handover the accounts to them with full confidence. 

The bookkeeper must be trustworthy and loyal towards its clientele; it should not expose any confidential information to any other parties other than the firm. If the service provider deals with many clients, then it should be able to manage the activities of every one of them smoothly and fulfil their objectives. There must be a continuous flow of communication between the firm and the bookkeeper, to update the firm with every problem and change in the transactions, also helping them to know their financial position as well as the cash flow including the profits and losses. If the bookkeeper is specialized in more than one task then makes the firm easy to approach for other services such as tax consultancy, payroll services, bad-debt accounting, VAT registration etc. Before outsourcing the bookkeeping, the firm must make sure that there is no hidden cost or any other expenses which may incur in future.

No matter whether you are choosing an accounting firm in Sharjah or any other part of the country, pick the one with enough experience in the accounting and auditing field and have a good list of satisfied clientele from a diverse range of industries. 


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