How Hatta customs officer spotted fake dollar bizman

claimed he did not know thery were forged

DUBAI 5 June 2017: A Nigerian businessman attempted to smuggle forged US$7,700 of $100 denomination notes through Hatta border point, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On April 21 at around 11 am, DM, 52, arrived at Hatta point in a bus that carried other passenger from Oman. Searching the luggage bags, $7,700 were found hidden in a pocket of a trouser in his luggage bag.

“He got confused when I searched his bag and found the amount in his trousers’ pocket.

“Touching the notes, I could figure out they were not genuine. Since the passenger got confused, it was clear that he aware of their forgery,” testified Khalid Saif, inspector.

The accused denied knowing that the amount was forged and claimed that a friend in Kenya asked to hand it over to a person in Dubai.

The court will give sentence on June 19.

By Lolyana Zaki