Africans who stoned cops get six months each

officer was rushed to hospital

DUBAI 15 August 2017: The two Nigerians who stoned cops to avoid arrest, each received six months in jail followed by deportation.

On May 13, at around noon, Sergeant Jizam Anaam 27 and his colleague policeman Mohammed Abdullah were assigned to arrest an African for distributing massage promotional cards on cars in Al Nahda area.

“We moved in a police patrol and drove to the area. We spotted an African distributing promotional cards. We stepped towards him and presented our IDs. He tried to run away but we could catch him… however, he resisted and we could only put the cuff on one hand. He shouted and screamed so one of his friends in the area rushed to us holding a piece of brick and hit me with,” testified the officer.

The officer got hurt in his leg. The first accused grabbed the opportunity and pinched the officer in the face and chest… bent down, grabbed a stone and threw it at the officer so he could run away with one side of the cuff still in his hand.

His supporter also ran away.

The officer was rushed to the hospital.

His colleague policeman Mohammed Abdullah repeated corroborative testimony.

Police later arrested JM 25, visitor, and OG 29 cleaner.

The two officers recognised them when shown to them via identification parades.

By Lolyana Zaki