Emirate staff can work from overseas – if needed

Eudore R. Chand

AJMAN 22 September 2020: Sheikh Ahmed bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Representative of the Ruler of Ajman for Administrative and Financial Affairs, has issued Resolution No. 36 of 2020 on the adoption of the Ajman Government’s remote working system, which will come in force from the date of its issuance and published in the official gazette.

The system will be implemented permanently in all local authorities in Ajman, except employees whose nature of work requires their presence in their offices, as well as employees on probation.

It will divide remote work into the two categories of full-time work, meaning that employees may perform their duties outside government premises and within specific working hours, and part-time work, meaning that employees may perform part of their work outside their workplaces, said official news agency Wam.

The move aims to establish a mechanism that will enable government employees to work remotely, as well as create opportunities in the government sector to attract new categories of qualified human resources, and offer employees and government authorities flexible ways and options of working, to ensure continuity of business and the provision of government services at all times.

The system – which makes it mandatory for all government authorities to draft a study on the system’s compatibility with the nature of their work, functions, workloads and services – aims to highlight the importance of respecting the responsibilities of employees who work remotely, as well as the principles of confidentiality related to public and private information, as per the government’s approved standards for employees.

Can work from overseas

It will also enable government authorities to implement remote working systems that are specifically tailored to individual authorities and departments, as well as choose the nature of remote work according to their unique requirements and procedures. It will also enable employees to work remotely from outside the country if required, at the sole discretion of relevant government authorities.

The system stipulates that the provisions of human resources law will still be enforceable without prejudice to the remote working system.

The Department of Human Resources will issue circulars, executive decisions and instructions to ensure the implementation of relevant provisions, and will directly manage the required procedures for adopting the decision, including the submission of reports on the progress of work, obstacles and recommendations.

In March 2020, the Department of Human Resources of the Ajman Government issued a remote working guide to ensure continuity of business and services provided by local government authorities, and create a flexible working environment that will help maintain productivity and sustain the provision of leading government services, in light of the precautionary and preventive measures aimed at protecting the safety of employees.



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