‘Ambassadors of Giving’ begin humanitarian mission in Mauritius

DUBAI, 4th August, 2017  A total of 28 students participating in the “Ambassadors of Giving” programme, which is part of the “Our Ambassadors” initiative launched by the Ministry of Education, have recently started their humanitarian mission in the Republic of Mauritius, after being introduced to its population, culture and living conditions.

Another delegation will head to Zanzibar as part of the same programme, to implement the humanitarian projects listed on its agenda.

The Ambassadors of Giving programme reflects the UAE community’s humanitarian efforts, which are monitored and supported by the wise leadership through leading initiatives such as the Year of Giving. The students, who are part of the programme, will launch a range of charity and humanitarian activities to help children and people with disabilities, as part of the activities of the Year of Giving.

A total of 50 students will participate in the programme, divided into two groups. The first group has gone to Mauritius while the other group will head to Zanzibar, after co-ordinating with international organisations specialising in humanitarian action. The students will learn about the best international practices in volunteering and charity and humanitarian work, by working in community-based activities such as building schools, working with local SOS Children’s Villages International branches, participating in cultural exchange activities and contributing to local humanitarian efforts.

The Ambassadors of Giving programme focusses on teaching students noble human values and promoting them through practical activities, to raise their awareness about the importance of collective volunteering and the suffering of vulnerable people, as well as the international efforts to improve living conditions in certain countries around the world, which suffer from poverty and disease.

The Ambassadors of Giving delegation held an introductory meeting at the University of Mauritius, where they discussed various topics about the local economy and living conditions, and the various community services provided by the local government.

The delegation also visited the branch of the SOS Children’s Villages International in Mauritius, which specialises in the protection of children and the welfare of orphans. The students had their first experience of assisting vulnerable children by entertaining them, decorating and painting the walls of the building of the international organisation, and organising sessions to exchange knowledge with the children.

The second group of students in the programme will go to Zanzibar to construct and rebuild schools. They will also organise educational activities for local children, as well as specialised workshops on team work.