Ancient Dubai unlocks Arab origin – see Episode 1

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 28 February 2018: We know what Dubai is today – a vast glittering cosmopolitan metropolis that is second to none. But do we know how old is Dubai? What are its origins? How did it start? How did it grow? How did it become what it is today?

Well, here’s our chance to find out.

The first episode of DubaiBC is presented below for your viewing and learning pleasure. It is narrated in Arabic but has subtitles in English.

The documentary series is produced by Government of Dubai Media Offce in collaboration with Loay Alshareef.


Dubai BC is a 10-part documentary series.

Produced in collaboration with Saudi researcher Loay Al Shareef, Dubai BC was filmed in five ancient archaeological sites in Sarouq Al Hadid, Hatta, Al Qusais, Al Sufouh and Al Eshoush in Dubai.

Dubai BC offers insights into civilisations that flourished in the Arabian peninsula in the period BC, starting from the 3rd millennium BC. Apart from the unique social, economic and cultural characteristics of these civilisations, the documentary takes a deeper look at the significant migrations that shaped the region’s ancient history.

Director of Media Services at Government of Dubai Media Office Salem Belyouha said that Dubai BC aims to educate new generations about the history and heritage of Dubai, which have played an important role in shaping its present. Dubai’s current development, he said, is built on strong historic roots.

“History is the starting point for every nation’s effort to shape its future. Our understanding of our past greatly enriches our vision for the future as well as our current interactions with other cultures,” he added.

Belyouha further said the documentary series presents new perspectives on the history of the Arabian Peninsula. The programme also paints a picture of the daily life of ancient people who lived in the region, drawing from archaeological artefacts, tombs and buildings discovered in different locations in Dubai.

“Dubai BC provides new perspectives on how Dubai’s present strengths have its roots in the past. For example, the discoveries made at ancient archaeological sites show how Dubai’s openness to other civilisations has always been one of its key advantages,” Belyouha added.

Linguist and expert on ancient civilisations Loay Al Shareef said: “I have been travelling across the Arabian Peninsula for three years in an attempt to find answers to many questions about our ancestors. When I read about the discovery of Sarouq Al Hadid by the Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, I was keen to explore this ancient site further. I would like to thank the Government of Dubai Media Office for supporting my research and providing all the resources necessary for making this documentary project a reality.”

Belyouha said: “This documentary series has given us an opportunity to introduce the history and heritage of UAE and Dubai to the world. All the episodes feature English subtitles for the benefit of non-Arabic speakers.”

The Dubai BC documentary will also be broadcast on Loay Al Shareef’s YouTube channel –