Asian hounds woman employer, threatens to kill her

police were called several times to intervene

DUBAI 4 June 2017: A Pakistani allegedly threatened to kill his employer, who would not hand him his passport until he repaired her mobile phone which he haad damaged.

ZL, 29, Chinese investor was looking for staff for her restaurant. She placed an advertisement in a Chinese newspaper until she found, WW, 26, Pakistani visitor.

The two agreed that she will try him for one week only. During the trial week, many customers complained against the worker and so she asked him to leave the job.

“He refused and insisted to work and while we were arguing, he damaged my mobile phone in the presence of my partner DZ. I called the police who came and asked the worker to pay for the damages. At that time I was having his passport with me.

“After some time, he came and said that he cannot pay for the damages because he does not have money,” testified the employer.

The employer had to call the police who came and tried to solve the problem amicably by asking the man to work free of charge for some time in compensation for the damages.

“I allowed him to join work again but as he was not sincere, so I asked him to leave the job. I reported him to Al Rashidiya police station where I also handed over his passport and lodged an official complaint against him,” she said.

Started Stalking

The angry worker started annoying and threatening and attacking the employer.

On April 22, at around 5pm he came to the restaurant, snatched a knife from the kitchen and threatened the employer with death if she did not give his passport.

“I told him that it is with the police and as he insisted not to leave her and get out of the restaurant, she called the police who came and arrested him,” she said.

However, two days later, the man at mid-day, appeared in front of the woman in her residence building.

“I informed the police and left the building… at night of the same day, he was waiting for me at the parking lot and was carrying a bag on his back. I rushed back to the restaurant and locked the door. He knocked at the door saying that he will continue annoying me and threatening me forever if I did not open the door… I called the police and he ran away,” she testified.

He partner DZ, 27, Chinese, repeated corroborative testimony and said that they first asked the Pakistani to leave after knowing that he has criminal record in the UK.

The court will give verdict on June 19.

By Lolyana Zaki