‘Jumeirah Snooper’ who struck terror faces Dubai jail time

By Angel Chan

DUBAI 26 March 2019: A man who struck fear among the residents of Jumeirah has been caught by Dubai Police and will be referred to Public Prosecution.

According to Colonel Faisal Qasim, Director of Security Media Department, the Asian man posted his images and video clips live on social media while snooping around cars parked in and around Jumeirah, sparking fear among residents.

He was arrested on Monday and will be referred to competent authorities to complete the legal proceedings against him.

Col Faisal explained that the Asian worked for a contracting company and had reportedly absconded from the sponsor.

Col. Faisal Qasim

He stressed the keenness of the Police General Command to ensure security and safety of the community, warning the public not to publish such messages on social media as it causes concern among people. Such messages are a rumor punishable by law. People were advised to inform competent authorities in the event of witnessing any illegal violations.