Asleep room-mate clubbed and robbed of Dh1,500

Forensic reported DNA of the accused on the steel tool

DUBAI 29 July 2017: An Algerian visitor assaulted his sleeping roommate with a steel tool and stole Dh1,500 from under the victim’s pillow, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

“At around 5.30am, on April 1, IT, 18, who was sleeping in a bunk bed on top of mine woke me up an asked me for Dh20. I did not give him any attention… all of a sudden, I got a hit with a steel tool in my left eye and forehead. I opened my eyes and saw him running to the hall which was lit,” said MY, Egyptian visitor.

There were six beds in the room one on top of the other and the bachelors were offered bed space. The victim and the accused had been sharing the room for about a month.

The rest of the men in the room woke up as the victim shouted and screamed in pain. The victim searched under his pillow and did not find his money.

The victim did not know when the accused stole the amount. He also did not see anything in his hand when he ran away out of the room.

The victim told the police that the two had an argument regarding making noises during sleeping but that was resolved.

Forensic reported DNA of the accused on the steel tool.

The court will give sentence on August 8.

By Lolyana Zaki