Attacker falls dead… while trying to run away from crime scene

two pakistani men rape and rob two ugandan women

DUBAI 3 July 2017: Two Pakistanis allegedly pretending to be CID officers, entered the flat of two women, whom they raped and robbed, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

But while trying to escape from the apartment, one of the two attackers fell dead.

On January 26, at around 2.30am, NT, Ugandan and her friend Z, heard knocks at the door of their flat No. 405.

The two men outside claimed to be CID. They were blocking viewing hole in the door with a finger. The two women got scared and opened the door.

Two Pakistanis rushed into the flat and locked the door and threatened the women with knives asking for money and other belongings.

One of them inserted his hand in NT’s blouse and stole Dh720 and a mobile phone before he forced her to take off her dress and raped her her at knife point.

The other attacker did the same with the other woman.

However, alert neighbours knowing something was wrong, banged on the door asking for it to be opened and announcing that the police were on their way.

As they heard men were trying to break the door down, the two attackers rushed to the balcony and tried to get down from the sewerage pipes.

One of the attacker lost his balance and fell onto the street, while the other FA, 24, was arrested by the police.

Police could not question FA, 24, on the spot as he was drunk.

The two women ran away from the flat before police arrived.

Some of the men who were present, informed police about the man who fell. Ambulance arrived but the man died on way to the hospital.

Police searched for the women and arrested them in a flat in Freej Al Marrar.

The two women told the police that they were attacked by two men and how and why one of them fell from their flat.

FA admitted to pretending to be a CID officer and to attacking, stealing and raping the two women.

The court will reconvene on August 1.

By Lolyana Zaki