Attempt to smuggle 73 kg of crystal meth thwarted

By DG Staff

DUBAI 29 January 2020: A team from Jebel Ali Customs Centre in cooperation with the Customs Intelligence Department thwarted an attempt to smuggle 73 kg of crystal meth concealed inside vehicle spare parts coming from a neighbouring country.

The Smart Risk Engine, developed in-house by Dubai Customs classified the spare parts shipment as risky.

“We work together with the Intelligence Department and based on the reports released by their risk engine we move to thwart any smuggling attempts in order to protect our society from the hazards of drugs,” Yousef Al Hashimi, Director of Jebel Ali Customs Centers Management. “We have built a very advanced system to curb these illegal attempts, and this seizure reveals the level of professionalism and skills our staff have.”

“The Smart Scanning System is able to scan 150 containers per hour without any human intervention. We have 6 scanning systems in Jebel Ali which means we can check 900 containers per hour, and we work in close cooperation with the General Department of Anti Narcotic of Dubai Police who we heartily thank for their valuable efforts in supporting us,” he told Wam.

Shuaib Al Suwaidi, Director of Customs Intelligence Department commented, “We enhanced the security of our entry points with the most advanced systems to protect our society from any threats of these illegal items, and, at the same time, support legitimate trade as part of our vision in Dubai Customs. The Smart Risk Engine plays an essential role in intercepting suspicious shipments based on data fed by different channels. Around 97 percent of shipments are classified by the risk engine as non-hazardous and approved in less than two minutes.”