Better weather ahead; Dubai removes rainwater in record time

By Angel Chan

DUBAI 19 December 2017: Dubai Municipality has said that it has drained rainwater from the city roads in a record time.

Meanwhile, weather conditions across the UAE will gradually stabilise on Tuesday – but motorists are still warned to take safety precautions.

The Ghaith Dubai team that supervises the storm water drainage worked hard to remove all effects of the rainwater and succeeded in facilitating traffic movement by draining out the rainwater via the drainage network, as well as sucking out the water from streets not covered by the remote network, said Wam.

Talib Julfar, Assistant Director-General of Dubai Municipality for Environment and Public Health Services Sector and team leader of Ghaith Dubai said that last Saturday the high command team directed various sectors of the municipality, especially the emergency teams, to prepare and continue to be present at all work sites to handle any rainwater pools.

“Based on that, the ground teams were directed to raise the readiness level and from 9 am, the teams were ready at locations with all necessary equipment,” he said.

Julfar pointed out that since midday, Al Ghaith team began necessary measures and engaged equipment for extracting and pumping the water collected at all points, streets and intersections to maintain smooth traffic flow.

He said that the call centre received 300 calls, all of which were dealt with at the same time. All means and all emergency drainages were opened, in addition to the Creek Drainage.

“We also followed meteorological maps of the areas where it was expected to form cumulus clouds accompanied by rainfall. We have also implemented the application of Najm Al Suhail, which is supervised by the Geodetic Support Section in Dubai Municipality. We began to feel the proximity of rain on us along with strong storm that hit the city of Dibba with the fall of a large amount of hailstorms as well as in Musandam Dibba Al Baya and Dibba Al Fujairah,” Julfar continued.

He noted that the removal of rainwater has been completed across all roads in the Emirate, including Nadd Al Hamr Street, Manama Street, Amman Street, Al Amrdi Street, Service roads on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road near Dubai – Al Ain Road intersection, the street leading to Zabeel Club, vegetable market areas, Manama Street surrounding the car market, Oud Metha Road, Al Wasl Street in front of the Iranian Hospital, Jumeirah 1, Al Orouba Street, the street in front of the Dubai Frame and Jumeirah 2.

Weather conditions to gradually stabilise on Tuesday

ABU DHABI: The National Centre of Meteorology (NMC), has said that weather conditions will gradually stabilise on Tuesday.

However, motorists are warned to take safety precautions while driving during rainy weather, as well as low visibility as a result of dust and rising sand.

In a statement, the centre also advised residents to stay away from areas of water collection, especially those near the highlands and the places where the valleys run. The NCM went on to warn residents “not to go offshore due to the roughness of the sea in the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea during this period.”

The centre went on to say that although weather conditions are likely to stabilise on Tuesday, “it is expected that the low-pressure winds are expected to move eastward on Monday evening.”

“Unstable weather will gradually ease with the possibility of some rainfall in different areas, especially the coastal and eastern regions, where clouds continue to multiply with some cumulus clouds accompanied by various rainfall intensity across multiple areas in the country,” the NCM explained.

It added that with the development of cumulus clouds, the impact of active winds on the sea would continue, leading to waves rising to 7 feet in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of ??Oman, and causing increasing sand and dust, leading to reduced visibility in exposed areas.