Biz Notes: Are you passionate about what you do?

By Theda Muller

DUBAI 12 November 2017: People ask me daily why I work so hard; why I put in so much time and why am I not exhausted?

Theda Muller
Theda Muller

The truth is, I love what I do and as I prod along daily, pushing myself to the limits. It never feels like work, I don’t have time to watch the clock and after a 8-10 day working day, I still burst with energy feeling like I can do a further 12 hour stint, because I feel that way, bursting with energy from within, really and truly happy for the space I find myself in, continuing to create and recreate myself, my company, ideas, applying as much innovation, creativity, new policies and strategies and simply not stopping, because that’s what happens when you have hit the nail totally on the head pertaining to:

  1. Who you are? What is your purpose and calling?
  2. Truly relishing loving, yourself;
  3. Constantly trying to improve your life and those around you, or those you meet;
  4. Focusing on delivering the best service that is you can possibly deliver;
  5. Knowing that you have no competitors, that you remain your own competitor, so continually pushing to improve, because the sky is the limit, is what you will do best;
  6. Not automatically pushing for the money, but focusing on your passion and purpose, so there is no resistance built, so the money can flow with ease and joy;
  7. Saturating yourself with this passion so you have no time to entertain negativity in any facet of your life;
  8. Moving away from all forms of negativity in your life, even negative people;
  9. Learning and mastering the art of living your true purpose;
  10. Continuing to automatically emerge yourself into new changing global trends that not only pertains to your business, but also to your personal transformation to continue elevating your being onto new higher levels, enabling you to achieve your goals and ongoing success, or future success;
  11. Learning and mastering to serve with humility and integrity, versus ego and arrogance, where the latter creates contrast in your life and being and will stop you from progressing;
  12. Most importantly learning to be authentic and mastering that art to the maximum, because people you deal with, clients, associates or partners must ‘feel you’, when they deal with you, then the momentum is right for advancement and success;

You need to understand right here and now that true business success is not just based on following policies and procedures, because long before you arrive at this stage, there is a lot of groundwork to be done on yourself and on your business strategies. Today the success of businesses is dependent on your focus, the work you have done on yourself, your alignment of self, the company you keep, your level of emergence and the lessons you are prepared to learn to apply as a foundation to activate your venture, with the knowledge that you have successfully laid the foundation.

Very few believe that these are the basics, but those who have identified these key methodologies of transformation, know the truth, they know that they have deviated in the past and even prior that, experienced abysmal failure, because their focus was in none of these places, rather on the money and that only builds resistance and instils a huge sense of limiting beliefs, that will place stops in many areas of your life, not just in your business.

“When there is no flow, then there is no flow, then you are the sole creator of no flow…”

It’s very easy to find that purpose that you were meant for, that has your name on it, that belongs to you, where you can present as your best offering to the world, that can make a difference to transform lives and yourself and you just need to dig very deep from within and find that….

  1. Thing that you love doing the most, that does not feel like work;
  2. You know that you are on this earth to achieve the best, so go and do it!
  3. You know nobody can do better than you can;
  4. Makes you feel totally whole and satisfied;
  5. You can package as a product or service and offer from right where you are;
  6. You believe you can convince prospective clients how much of a trusted authority you are on the subject;
  7. You know how much and what you are willing to give to achieve your desired success;
  8. You are prepared to work 24-hours a day to achieve your goals;
  9. You will have no competitors, because you are authentic and can deliver the best

There are so many driving forces to make you take the journey with the best equipped tools and many of them are freely available, you just have to seek and find them and many do not cost much money, because the first problem most have when they want to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, is to spend way too much time on focusing on the resources for money, when you can start right where you are, with less than little in your hand and carve your own path at your very own pace and still arrive at your destination, on your terms and responsible to anyone, just to yourself.

The rules of embarkment have been simplified, we just spend too much time over-thinking on issues that hardly exist, we create problems that never existed and once you persue this trail, then it complicates itself and you will find yourself in a rut, mostly taking advice from those who have never been there, never tasted success, never earned their first million by themselves and don’t really have the right advice, except sitting on the sidelines tendering advice that derives from a place of the unknown, due to their lack of experience.

This means you take stock of all the above points mentioned here to review exactly where you are and if you have not touched any of these points, close that book and start from where you are on a clean slate, it could be the best decision you make, ever!

Note: Theda Muller is a UAE-based visionary entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of various UAE companies, business advisor and legacy mentor, US trained and globally experienced. She is also an author of two books: Embrace Financial Freedom Volume One: 10 Proven Ways To Release Debt And Emotional Fears In Today’s Economy, and Volume Two: Releasing Fear And Bouncing Back From A Debt Crisis. She also conducts webinars and workshops on debt recovery.