UAE mulls return of Boeing 737 Max to airspace

By Eudore R. Chand

Boeing 737 Max

ABU DHABI 2 July 2020: The UAE announced that it is considering the return of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft to the UAE’s airspace.

The Director General of the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Saif Mohammad Al Suwaidi said:”The GCAA is closely working with the Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing and UAE Operators on B737 Max return to service since its grounding after two tragic accidents.

“We are in regular discussions with the FAA and Boeing on all aspects of the certification including design, test flights and training for the flight crew,” he said.

The GCAA is keeping a close coordination with other major regulators around the world to share information and benefit from their experience. The UAE approval process for the return of B737 Max to service is dependent on the certification activities going on at the moment between the FAA and the Boeing, said Wam.

”The GCAA is committed to ensuring highest standards of safety in the UAE skies and will work towards return to service of B737Max until acceptable safety standards are achieved,” he stressed.


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