Children Safer: Dubai cops take out child stalker

camera coverage of the area reveals stalker

DUBAI 16 July 2017: A Pakistani allegedly terrified Al Rifaa area by molesting children in narrow streets, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

Following a number of complaints made by parents about their children being subject to molest, police reviewed security cameras in the area and intensified surveillance until they identified and arrested MA, 28, visitor who was recognised by the victims.

In one of the cases, 11-year old KH, was returning home after finishing his private tuition at around 8pm.

“I stepped into a narrow street leading to my residence building, A man wearing Pakistani dress was walking in the opposite direction. As he came close to me, he rushed to me and kissed and hugged me and then held my hand and put it on his private part,” testified the boy.

The victim pushed his assaulter, rushed to home and informed his father.

The shocked father did not take any action but the mother SH, 38, employee, who was in India, informed the police after she arrived in Dubai.

Police told the mother that a number of suspects were arrested. However, she was asked to take care of her children and not to leave them alone in the street.

“I thought that was all and the case was finished. However, nine months later, on May 1, 2017, one of the boys in our building ‘R’ was molested while was down the building. When policemen arrived at the building to investigate the case I told them that I also had been assaulted in September, 2016.

Policemen asked the boy to accompany his parents and visit the police station and lodge an official complaint.

Later police arrested MA, 23, and the victim recognized him when shown via CCTV footage and later via identification parades.

The court will give verdict on July 30.

By Lolyana Zaki