‘CID’ officer ‘raids’ Dragon Mart shop… steals phone, cash

Victim managed to get car number plate

DUBAI 24 July 2017: An Emirati, who allegedly pretended to be a CID officer, ‘raided’ a shop in Dragon Mart, stole a mobile phone and Dh11,000 from the salesman.

He was however, arrested in the mart on the following day, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On May 5 at around 8pm, salesman MS, 29, Indian, was alone in the mobile phone shop in Dragon Mart when a man entered.

“He asked me if we had duplicate phones. I answered him negatively. He stepped behind the counter and searched the shelves. He saw Chinese phones of WNO model which looks like iPhone Plus 7. He asked me about the phone and I told him it is Chinese and has one year guarantee,” testified the salesman.

The visitor put the phone in a bag and asked the salesman to accompany him to the police office.

“When I asked him why I should go with him, he said it’s the procedures,” said the salesman.

While the salesman rode in the car, the man asked him to pay him Dh2,000 to be let go. “I refused that and he continued driving slowly. He stopped at the parking of the police office and asked me to present my ID and Labour card. I pulled my wallet and gave him the cards. He put them on his lap and using his mobile he took a photo of them… then he showed his picture in military uniform before he snatched my wallet and stole Dh11,000 that were in it. Then he drove the car to the main road where he stopped and asked me to get off the car. As I opened the door and he kicked me out of the car and drove away,” testified the victim.

The victim could take the car’s plate number and reported the crime to the police.

Police reviewed footage of the CCTV in the shop and recognized the attacker who had a similar criminal record.

On the following day, police arrested AK. 24, employee, in Dragon Mart.

AK admitted to stealing the phone but claimed that he took only Dh5,500 from the salesman’s wallet.

He said that a friend SZ suggested that he raid a mobile shop in Dragon Mart when he told him that he was desperate for money.

“SZ guided me to the shop and left me there. After finishing, I handed him Dh1,500 his share of the operation,” said the accused.

Police confiscated Dh4,000 with the accused.

SZ, could not be arrested as he has left the country from Dubai International Airport on the same day.

The victim recognized AK when shown to him via identification parade.

The court will issue sentence on August 8.

By Lolyana Zaki