Cops asked gang rape victim: who gave you more pleasure

Says police humiliation was worse than rape

Indian police officers asked a gang rape victim which one of her abusers gave her the greatest pleasure, newspapers reported on Sunday.

The alleged victim said she was humiliated when she went to the authorities after being attacked by her husband’s friends.

The four men had allegedly tricked her into leaving her home in Thrissur, Kerala, after telling her spouse was in hospital.

She said they took turns to rape her after they drove to a secluded spot.

The 32-year-old added she finally came to police two years after the incident with the encouragement of her husband, but was met with ridicule and eventually withdrew her complaint.

‘Far more than rape, it was the police threats and humiliation that was unbearable,’ the woman told a news conference while appearing alongside her husband.

Her story came to prominence after activist Bhagya Lakshmi shared it on her Facebook page after the two discussed the incident.

The local police chief was due to meet the alleged victim on Thursday.