Mosque preacher jailed for defaming Saudi actor

Actor is pleased with the sentence

An imam was sentenced to 45 days in prison for defaming famous Saudi actor Nasser Al-Qassabi and claiming that he was an apostate.

Al-Qassabi commented that he did not take the accusations personally, and he just wants to ensure that people are punished for defaming others without any evidence.

“Al-Qassabi said that he is pleased with the judge’s sentence to the imam in Asir. He also said people in leading religious positions should not abuse their great influence to spew hatred and extreme ideologies,” the Saudi Gazette newspaper said.

It said Imam Saeed bin Farwah had verbally attacked the Saudi actor Nasser Al-Qassabi during a Friday sermon last year.

“The imam accused Al-Qassabi of being an apostate for an episode he acted in the television program Selfie that aired last Ramadan. The episode shows Al-Qassabi wearing a short dress and smashing musical instruments,” it said.

It added that the imam apologized for his accusations but Al-Qassabi filed a lawsuit against the imam.