Cops reunite mom and daughter after 33 years

By Sheena Amos

DUBAI 18 January 2019: At the beginning of the Year of Tolerance, the General Directorate of Airport Security at Dubai Police reunited a mother with her daughter she had not seen for 33 years.

She and her three sisters were separated from their mother for compelling family circumstances, Dubai Police said.

The father took them after his separation from the mother. The eldest daughter took responsibility for caring for her sisters until they got married.

The mother came to live in the UAE after marrying an Emirati. She managed to get a number to communicate with her daughter over the phone, but could not meet with her because of some difficulty with travel by the daughter due to her country of residence.

But fate had planned otherwise. Her daughter had to travel for treatment in India, and stopped for “transit” at the Dubai International Airport.

On hearing the mother’s story, airport police tried to find the girl. But there were thousands of passengers and the police had no other information or means to communicate with the girl, except for a picture taken from the mother.

After more than three hours, the girl was identified and approached.

At first, she did not believe that she would see her mother after a separation of 33 years.

But when she did, there were tears all around – and not just from the mother and daughter.

Dubai Gazette