How does your country rank in the world’s best list?

DUBAI 31 January 2018: The rankings of the best countries in the world are out. Do you live in one of the world’s best nations or does your country has still someways to go to reach the top-10 list? Let’s find out where your country ranks.

Even though in another independent ranking, German passport was deemed the strongest in the world, Germany is not the the world’s best country to live in. It is Switzerland, according to compilers, U.S. News & World Report, Y&R’s BAV Group and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Canada comes in second in their Overall Best Countries Ranking – 2018. It is followed by Germany, United Kingdom and Japan.

Next in the top-10 list are Sweden, Australia, USA, France and Holland.

The list of major countries in the 80-strong list are given below.

But, let’s see how most of the UAE’s large communities fared int he rankings.

UAE tops Arab World

The United Arab Emirates did the best in the Arab World ranked at 23 place with a per capita GDP of US$68,092 and a population of 9.3 million people.

It came in ahead of European nations such as Portugal and Greece.

Dominant Communities

Among the dominant communities in the UAE, India ranked just two places below UAE at 25th rank with a per capita GDP of $6,694 and a population of 1.3 billion people.

Egypt followed in 42nd place [just past the half-way mark out of 80 countries], followed by The Philippines in 49th place, Sri Lanka in 51st, Jordan in 68th.

Almost towards the end of the list were Pakistan at 74th, followed by Lebanon at 75th and Iran at 77th.

Ranking were of 80 countries in total.

Major countries and where they stood:

1.    Swiss
2.   Canada
3.   Germany
4.   United Kingdom
5.   Japan
6.   Sweden
7.   Australia
8.   USA
9.   France
10. Holland

11. Denmark
12. Norway
13. Finland
14. Italy
15. Singapore
17. Austria
18. Luxembourg
19. Spain
20. China
21. Ireland
22. South Korea

23. United Arab Emirates
24. Portugal
25. India
26. Russia
27. Thailand
28. Greece
29. Brazil

35. Qatar
37. Saudi Arabia
42. Egypt
49. Philippines
51. Sri Lanka
61. Bahrain
68. Jordan
73. Oman
74. Pakistan
75. Lebanon
77. Iran

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