Dewa awards contract for water reservoirs in Nakhli, Lusaily

Dewa’s total storage capacity will increase to 1,010m gallons

DUBAI 31 July 2017: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) has awarded a consultancy contract worth Dh6.3 million to design and construct two water reservoirs in Al Nakhli with a storage capacity of 120 million gallons, and in Al Lusaily with a storage capacity of 60 million gallons, to increase the storage capacity of Dubai to 1,010 million gallons.

“This project implements our strategy to provide a reserve water supply that will meets Dubai’s expected daily consumption of about 412 million gallons per day in 2020, and supports our efforts to strengthen water pipelines and increase water flow to meet the rapid growth of water in various part of Dubai,” said Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of Dewa.

“The project includes the design of the reservoirs according to the latest standards of sustainability, and the supervision of the implementation of the project at the two sites. The construction and operation of both reservoirs is expected to be complete within 32 months.

Dewa’s total storage capacity will increase to 1,010 million gallons, compared to the current capacity of 830 million gallons,” noted Al Tayer.

By Rajive Singh