Dh1.13bn Umm Lafina project on track for Q3 2020

By DG Staff

Umm Lafina Project 60% complete: ICT and Musanada
ABU DHABI 15 December 2019: Work is progressing according to plan on the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road extension project at Umm Lafina and Al Reem islands at a cost of some Dh1.131 billion.

It is being overseen by The Integrated Transport Centre (ICT), and Abu Dhabi General Services Company (Musanada).

To be fully completed and handed over by Q3 of 2020, the project involves 2 contracts, the average completion in the project reached 60%, as the actual completion percentage currently stands around 57% in the first contract and 62% in the second contract respectively.

ICT said that the Umm Lafina project is one of the critical surface transport projects currently being executed by ICT and Musanada, as one of the strategic projects that contribute to achievement of the objectives of Abu Dhabi Plan, enhance the quality of infrastructure and support the economic development of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, said Wam.

It further added that the Umm Lafina Island project will enhance the connection between Abu Dhabi Island on the one hand and both Umm Lafina and Al Reem Islands on the other. Furthermore, it will support smooth traffic flow and improve safety levels for road users, while meeting the requirements of demographic growth and expansion in the emirate and supporting the tourism and urban development, particularly that the new road and the bridges to be constructed on it will represent an aesthetic feature and a prominent tourism landmark in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

ICT noted that the Umm Lafina road will serve the existing and future traffic volumes between the development projects such as Al Reem Island, Al Maryah Island, Umm Lafina Island and Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road, with the maximum capacity reaching up to 6,600 trips per hour in each direction. It will also ease pressure on the existing road network, particularly Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Road, by providing an alternative traffic movement from and to Al Reem Island and Al Maryah Island at present as well as Umm Lafina Island in future.

Musanada explained that the Umm Lafina project will involve construction of an 11km-long road connecting Al Reem Island with Umm Lafina Island and then extend to connect both islands with Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road in Abu Dhabi at the intersection with Dhafeer Street (Street No.31). It will include construction of 5 concrete bridges and two over water bridges with a total length of approximately 6.3km above water as well as 4.7km-long road works.

Elaborating further, Musanada added that the first contract of the project will involve construction of a 6km-long road, starting from Al Reem Island passing through Northern and Southern Umm Lafina Island, including construction of three bridges over water canals in order to maintain navigation of traffic, besides construction of few intersections to facilitate movement in all ways.

The second contract will involve construction of 4 bridges, two concrete and two over water bridges to cross over water canals, besides a main intersection to facilitate movement in all ways with Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Road.

It will be a three-lane road in both directions, with a possibility to widen it to 6 lanes in future in each direction to meet the requirements of demographic growth and expansion at Al Reem Island and its surroundings.

Musanada noted that the Umm Lafina project will also include construction of a street lighting power network, storm water and communication networks, in addition to construction of cycling and pedestrian lanes, besides other facilities, bike renting shops and other aesthetic features in order to create an integrated project. Arch-shaped concrete tiles will be used to preserve the environment, ensure the flow of water, reduce bad effects on mangroves trees, and enhance the navigation of traffic in the area.