Dh7.8 million paid for release of 24 bankrupt prisoners

Beit Al Khair Society pays on Zayed Humanitarian Work Day

RAS AL KHAIMAH 14 June 2017: The Beit Al Khair Society chose the Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, which coincides with the 19th Ramadan, to launch one of its most important initiatives for the Year of Giving that includes the release 24 bankrupt prisoners, by paying out Dh7,847,206.

Its initiative was launched in co-operation with the Faraj Fund and the punitive and correctional institutions in the emirates of Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain. The society also covered the resulting financial penalties of the prisoners, which were the cause of their imprisonment, to gain their freedom before the Eid Al Fitr.

The Board of Directors of the Beit Al Khair Society directed their appreciation to the donors and the charitable people who contributed in covering the demanded amounts.

Abdeen Taher Al Awadi, Executive Director of the Beit Al Khair Society, said that this initiative comes as part of the Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, to commemorate the anniversary of the passing of Zayed the Giving, the Founder of the Country and the Pioneer of the Journey of Giving, who set a course of mercy and solidarity for the UAE community and was the best example of charity, giving and supporting the weak, the bankrupt and those in crisis, to ease their anguish and provide happiness in their lives.

Al Awadi expressed his utmost appreciation to the Faraj Fund, which joined the Beit Al Khair Society in renewing their partnership, as well as to all the punitive and correctional institutions who co-operated, to ensure the success of the initiative.

By Sheena Amos