Don’t to leave your kids alone inside vehicles

By Eudore R. Chand

ABU DHABI 1 June 2020: With rising temperatures, Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) has urged families to follow preventive measures when taking their children on trips and not leave them alone inside vehicles that could lead to their suffocation.

The ADP noted that this may lead to the deaths of children due to suffocation resulting from a lack of oxygen and high temperatures, as well as the risk that children might try to drive their parents’ cars and cause accidents.

The ADP also called on families to not leave their children asleep in the rear seats of their cars or assign their responsibility to their older siblings. Several children have suffocated in recent years due to their parents’ negligence and lack of commitment to public safety, they noted and stressed that negligence is a crime punishable by the law, said Wam.

The ADP affirmed its keenness to raise the public’s awareness via social media and other media outlets about such incidents, while urging parents to protect their children from these risks.



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