Driver Alert: New speed limits on some roads in Abu Dhabi

By Sheena Amos

ABU DHABI 3 December 2018: The Abu Dhabi Police (ADP), yesterday announced the adoption of new speed limits on certain roads in Abu Dhabi, as well as a new maximum speed limit of 140 kilometres per hour.

The roads subject to the new speed limits include:

  • Suwaihan Al Heir,
  • E20, from the Zayed Military City roundabout to the intersection of the E75 Truck Road,
  • the intersection of the E75 Truck Road to Al Heir,
  • Al Ajban Al Sad Road, E16, to Al Sad, and
  • The road from Al Ain to Al Qaw, E95

The Traffic Safety Committee in Abu Dhabi urged drivers to commit to the new speed limits on these roads, to protect themselves and other road users.

The speed limit changes do not apply to all roads, but certain parts of them, and the ADP will work with its local partners to highlight speed limits on traffic signs along the roads.

Dubai Gazette