Driver brings food + unwanted kisses… for employer’s daughter

By Lolyana Zaki

DUBAI 7 November 2017: A father assigned a driver who works for him to bring food to his daughter while he was away with his wife for treatment. He trusted the man, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On June 27, SK, 16, Indian student, was alone in the house as her elder sister was at work.

The driver was sent by the girl’s uncle, who and her father are partners, to bring her food. He knocked at the door and the girls opened it.

“I was shocked as after he handed me the food, he asked me for a kiss. As I refused that, he held me forcibly and kissed me twice on my cheeks and attempted to kiss my lips. I pushed him away with all my force… then he asked me for a cup of water… I went to the kitchen and brought him water and headed to my bedroom thinking that he would leave after drinking water. As I reached my room, I found him behind me… he hugged me from the back, kissed me and groped my body… I pushed away and so he left,” testified the girl.

The victim told her friend what happened and her friend informed her elder sister who in turn told her parents who were back home in India.

The victim’s father told his brother about what the driver did… his brother advised that he should lodge a complaint with the police when he comes back.

The father reported the crime to the police and learnt from his daughter that the driver had kissed her when she was 13 but did not repeated that since then.

The court will give verdict on November 13.