Driver fails to smuggle in 3 Arabs under watchful customs eyes

Abu Dhabi Customs foils illegal immigration attempt

ABU DHABI 21 June 2017: The General Administration of Customs – Abu Dhabi has foiled an illegal immigration attempt by three people of Arab origin who hid in a vehicle’s trunk in an effort to cross the border.

The Customs Administration said its inspectors at the Mezyad Customs Centre foiled the attempt after the Arab truck driver raised their suspicions as they were carrying out routine customs procedures.

A search using modern detectors followed by a manual inspection lead to the discovery of three people hiding under a car cover in the vehicle’s trunk. Accordingly, the inspectors transferred the driver and the illegal immigrants to the relevant authorities to face legal measures.

Mohamed Khadem Al Hameli, Acting Director-General of the General Administration of Customs – Abu Dhabi, praised the customs officers for their quick-thinking, stressing the importance of combatting illegal immigration, which he said, represents a great risk to the community and raises the threat of violent crimes including murder, theft and assault.

“The current situation in the region calls for further efforts in the inspection process, the need to strengthen inspection procedures and tighten sanctions for those who undermine the security of the country. Illegal immigration across borders is one of the most dangerous factors to affect the security of any society, but in virtue of the UAE’s economic and development progress, the country is a particular target for those looking to work illegally,” Al Hameli said.

By Rajive Singh