Drug addict smashes 3 cop cars to escape test

By Angel Chan

DUBAI 2 November 2017: A drug addict allegedly hit police cars when was summoned for a routine test, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On May 3, a squad of three police cars headed to the house of OA, 25, student after obtaining the necessary permission from Dubai Prosecution.

OA was supposed to approach the police for routine test. As well, police learn’t that he resumed taking drugs. So a squad was assigned to bring him to carry out the test.

First Corporal Hafedh Aziz stopped the car he was driving at the gate of the house and his other colleagues stopped their cars behind him.

“As the accused saw us, he drove his car backwards and found his way out of the house hitting the first car. Then found a way and drove between the other two cars hitting them both, one from the back and the other from the front,” testified the policeman.

Policemen chased the accused and arrested him.

Tests proved that he was under the influence of drugs.

After he finished his jail sentence for taking drugs charge, he appeared before the court for damaging three cars owned by the police.

The court will reconvene on November 8.