Dog foils smuggling of 3 million Captagon pills

DG Staff

Sniffer dog with drugs (File Image)

DUBAI 15 March 2021: Dubai Customs seized nearly three million captagon pills, which is the largest so far this year and foiled a major attempt to smuggle them into the country.

Inspection officers of the Sea Customs Centre Management at Jebel Ali Port thwarted the illegal shipment thanks to coordination between different sections coupled with the use of the best technologies.

The Control Room, supported by the Siyaj monitoring unit, analysed all data of the suspected container, and based on that it was thoroughly checked at arrival with the help of the K-9 dog unit.

Captagon, a brand name for the amphetamine drug fenethylline hydrochloride, was originally marketed as a treatment for conditions such as narcolepsy, depression and hyperactivity, but has been banned in most countries since the 1980s.

“Within our efforts at the Sea Customs centres to live up to the expectations of the (Safe Homeland) campaign, we have made many seizures to contribute to a safer trade and protect society from the hazards of amphetamines,” said Yousef Al Hashimi, Director of Sea Customs Centres Management.

“The inspection officers are equipped with the most advanced devices, tools and systems including radioactivity scanners and the K9 unit, which help us tighten the noose on drug traffickers and prevent drugs from entering the borders.”

Al Hashimi confirmed the centres are well prepared and work at full capacity despite the challenges posed by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, said Wam.

Ahmed Juma Al Jamri, Senior Manager of Jebel Ali and Telecom inspection Centre said, “We follow coherent and flawless plans and strategies to detect, reveal and seize narcotics. The inspection officers do their job professionally relying on their high experience and knowledge and using advanced technologies.”


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