DSC to organize Dubai Sports Community Club’s Tournament

By DG Staff

DUBAI 4 September 2020: Dubai Sports Council (DSC) has announced the launch of “Dubai Sports Community Club’s Tournament”, to take place at the pitches of Dubai Sports World (Zabeel Halls No. 4, 5, 6) in Dubai World Trade Center from 4th to 11th Sept. 2020.

The Tournament will be held with participation of 14 social clubs and communities in Dubai; these are: India Club, Pakistani Club, Jordanian Social Club, Sudanese Social Club, Egyptian Social Club, Filipino Social Club, the Lebanese Community, the Syrian Community, the Nepalese Community, the Sri Lankan Community, the American Community, the Indonesian Community, the Yemeni Community and the Chinese Community.

The Tournament’s participants, who are classified into male teams and female teams, will contest tough competitions in four sports games; these are: badminton, basketball, football & cricket.

“Dubai Sports Community Club’s Tournament” targets to activate partnership between DSC & community clubs in Dubai and to boost social relations among the associates of these clubs.

Khalid Al-Awar, Director of Sports Events Dept. in DSC, stated: “DSC is keen to enhance diversity in the organizing of sports events in order to provide unique opportunity for sports fans of multi-nationalities, who reside in Dubai, to participate & follow up various sports competitions. The Tournament attains DSC’s vision (Creating Distinctive & Happy Sports Community). DSC runs its works as per well-planned strategy that conforms to Dubai Government Plan. The Council supports the organizing of sports events, aiming to popularize the culture of the exercise of sport & physical activity among all classes of society and to make sport as lifestyle”.



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