Dubai Customs announces new stimulus package

By DG Staff

DUBAI 15 May 2020: Dubai Customs has extended a refund of 20 percent on the customs fees imposed on imported products sold locally in Dubai markets from 15th March to 30th June.

In a statement by Dubai Customs on Thursday, the package also includes the cancellation of the Dh50,000 bank guarantee or cash required to undertake customs clearance activity. Bank guarantee or cash paid by existing customs clearance companies will be refunded.

Existing guarantees of clearance companies will be refunded. The package includes exemption to traditional wooden commercial vessels registered in the country from mooring service fees for arrival and departure, and direct and indirect loading fees at Dubai and Hamriyah Ports.

The stimulus package also includes cancellation of bank guarantees required to be submitted before resolution of customs-related grievances, and cancellation of 25 percent down payment required for requesting instalment-based payment of government fees for obtaining and renewing licenses.

Business and trade groups in Dubai have benefited from Dubai stimulus package and shared with Dubai Customs their positive feedback.

To refund the clearance guarantees, clients can enter Dubai Customs services through Dubai Trade and fill out the application and share it with the Client Partnership Section at the Client Happiness Department.



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