Dubai Customs introduces business model to visiting US delegation

In coordination with the University of Dubai, Dubai Customs (DC) received a delegation of business postgraduate students from the University of North Florida, USA. The aim of the delegation’s visit was to identify the latest mechanisms, business model, and systems applied by Dubai Customs at the domestic level, particularly in the field of customs transactions and their application of the latest systems and procedures at the global level.

The visiting delegation was greeted by Younis Othman, Director of Information Technology Department, and Adel Al Hosani, Director of Information Security Section.

Delivering a walkthrough presentation of the most important smart customs systems at Dubai Customs, Younis Othman presented the Risk Engine system in the Department and the mechanism through which it processes customs intelligence in terms of collection, linkage, analysis and distribution through to finding the typical perceptions about traders within its framework.

Responding to questions raised by all attendees, who showed great interest in the customs techniques used by Dubai Customs and especially the Risk Engine, Othman said: ” Dubai Customs and its management team adopts a clear approach towards the use of technology and innovation in order to streamline procedures and enhance legitimate trade. This comes in implementation of the directives of the wise leadership in order to ensure being number one in all areas worldwide, and adopting the best global practices in Customs work.”

Othman added, “This will uphold the reputation of the Emirate of Dubai as an international business hub, given the fact that the Risk Engine is a real quantum leap in the field of Customs. It also shows its pivotal role expected by hosting Expo 2020 Dubai in order to facilitate the handling of the expected rise in trade and shipping levels during the hosting period. ”

For his part, Adel Al Hosani briefed the delegation members about the latest techniques adopted by Dubai Customs in the field of information security, both at the default and the physical security levels, stressing the importance of the human capital in achieving the optimal formula for security.

Meanwhile, the guests were briefed on the importance of the vital work done by Dubai Customs to protect the borders and the most important seizures carried out by the Department, both in terms of wildlife protection or humanitarian and cultural heritage, as well as seizures of drugs of all kinds and maintaining the security of Dubai in particular and the UAE in general.

Rana Al Rifai introduced the academic delegation to the DC multi- communication channels, with up to 14 different channels being managed and developed in order to provide 27 different services offered by Dubai Customs for its clients.

The visiting delegation toured a number of departments, including the control room to learn about the modern techniques used in this regard. The delegation was then welcomed by Saleh Al Hammadi, Acting Director of Control Room Department, who briefed them  on the most important tools used by the department to monitor the shipments, and handle them using mode

rn technology and the inspectors’ experience.

At the end of the tour, Professors Jeffrey Milkkman, and Richard Tryon from Hikcs Honors College, who led the visiting academic delegation, praised what they have seen during their visit to Dubai Customs systems, expressing their gratitude for the warm welcome.

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