Dubai forensics find youth innocent of murder

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 9 February 2020: The Medical Department of Dubai Police was able to prove the innocence of a young man who was accused of causing the death of a man.

Tests determined that the main cause of death was not the result of a disagreement and a fight between the two, but a heart attack that hit the victim before the other person.

Medical science was able to prove the precise time of the heart attack.

Dr. Khaled Al Brekke, consultant in medicine, said Dubai Police received a report of the death of an Asian man during a disagreement between him and another man.

Al Brekke pointed out that the young man mentioned that there was a dispute over work and that the deceased was angry and hit him, and then suddenly fell on the ground and died.

The deceased was transferred to the morgue. Examination showed that there were no signs of beating or use of an implement to attack on the body of the deceased. But more tests were required.

The cause of death was found to be heart failure.

We worked to determine the timing of the heart attack by conducting pain tests, and we found that the attack was not in conjunction with the fight, but it had hit the deceased hours before. When he had the fight with the young man, he had a heart attack and died, said Dr. Al Brekke.