Dubai gambling den busted with close to Dh1 million on the table

cops seize a total of dh819,000 from 7 men

DUBAI 19 July 2017: An Iranian investor allegedly operated a gambling den in a villa in the ‘Springs’ where close to Dh1 million was confiscated in the possession of seven players from different nationalities, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

A 21-year-old Russian AZ, sales executive and Indian clerk, DS, 20, who served the players against tips, are also being prosecuted.

A tip made to the police about Iranian investor BK 55, who ran his villa in the Springs as a gambling den.

After checking the authenticity of the information, police raided the villa and arrested ten men red-handed.

Police confiscated a total of Dh733,900 and Euro 20,000 with eight men who were sitting around a gambling oval shape table. A ninth man who was sitting at the table was only serving cards and and tokens. A tenth man who was in the villa was serving alcohol to the players.

Also from the villa, 71 bottles of wine and 12 cans of bears were confiscated.

BK admitted to operating the villa as a gambling den.

“I meet with my trader friends from time to time to play gambling in my house. I have been gambling in my house since ten years… the rest men are only players… I brought the table from Dragon Mart but I do not remember from which shop… my wife brought me the cards and the tokens from the USA… I do not remember when was that,” admitted BK.

Police confiscated with BK Dh28,400, Lebanese RI, 40, engineer, possessed Dh49,500, his country fellow NS, 30, Sales manager, Dh100,000, Russian investor. SS, 49, Dh150,000, TD, 37, Denmark salesman Dh102,000, NH, 45, Iranian manager Dh55,000 and Euro 20,000, BA, 45, Iranian investor Dh150,000, and TL Norwegian visitor Dh99,000.

Dubai Prosecution asked the court to implement intensive penalty against the accused.

The court will give sentence on August 6.

By Lolyana Zaki