Dubai has more than 12,000 traffic offences a day

Speeding nearly 60% of offences

Drivers committed more than 12,000 road offences a day in Dubai during the first half of 2016 and speeding accounted for nearly 60 per cent.

Police data showed there were 2.197 million traffic offences in the first half of 2016, including nearly 1.32 million speeding offences.

“Speeding has remained a major cause of fatal accidents in Dubai and other parts of the UAE…many motorists are not deterred by the heavy fines and are still driving recklessly,” said Major-General Mohammed Al Zafin, Dubai police commander’s assistant for operation and chairman of the federal traffic council.

He said many drivers commit speed offences as they abuse the 20-km grace speed limit and drive at the maximum speed.

“Most of them do not give much attention to their meter while driving…they are vulnerable to committing a speeding offence because of this,” he said.