Dubai investor sets up Dh1bn Actventure in Australia

Largest Active Lifestyle Destination in Australia

DUBAI 12 June 2017: The Dubai-based Najibi Investments announced that its Australian development arm, Sanad Capital, revealed the brand of its Dh 1 billion active lifestyle destination, which has so far been code named ACTVE. as Actventure will become the first and largest active lifestyle destination in Australia.

“Actventure is a brand that represents values we hold in high esteem; being lively, authentic and optimistic,” said Talal Y. Najibi, Executive Chairman of Najibi Investments. “Our investment in Australia’s Sunshine Coast is a part of the UAE’s growing ties with Australia and we are very happy to help strengthening bilateral economic ties.”

The announcement comes as Australia-UAE ties continue to grow and strengthen. The UAE is looking to expand trade ties with fast-growing nations in Asia, including Australia, which may soon seal and free trade agreement with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries this year.

A series of high level meetings between UAE government officials and representatives of the Australian government, have strengthened these ties to the tune of Dh 32 billion in two-way of goods and services. In 2015, the UAE investment in Australia was estimated at Dh 46 billion.

“Actventure has increased the volume of UAE investment in Australia, and will go a long to strengthening ties with the Sunshine Coast’s community by contributing to over 2,000 well-paying jobs there,” said Bradley P. Sutherland, Sanad Capital CEO in Australia. “Once launched, Actventure will attract local, national and global visitors. To that end, we are happy to see that Emirates Airlines had added flights to Melbourne and Brisbane, which is 1 hour away from the Actventure  site.”

JAK, the destination’s mascot was also revealed by Sanad Capital, appearing with Actventure ’s new logo and on new creative designs on freshly installed banner-mesh surrounding the project’s entrance.

Actventure is set to offer its guests safe and stimulating spaces to play and nurture family connections in a unique, active manner. “The connections with the people around us are an essential part of what makes us who we are,” continued Sutherland. “But in an era where we have so many tools that connect us to the rest of the world, we are more disconnected from one another than ever before.”

And this is where JAK joins the story. A playful and friendly Australian boy, JAK will greet and also lead his guests at Actventure through all the fun rides. From the amazing water park, with its first in Australia new slides and rides, to the active sports facilities, like skateboarding and surfing, JAK will play with kids, adults and families alike, always encouraging an active lifestyle.

“JAK was born by marrying our mission and vision statements. We want to encourage an active lifestyle for kids, adults and families, and we believe that JAK personifies these statements,” Sutherland concluded. “JAK will represent Actventure in Australia to the world and will be a part of a growing Actventure presence around the globe.”

As Actventure first destination in the world, the Sunshine Coast is the perfect backdrop. With a community of people who cherish life, the environment and time spent with loved ones, Actventure was developed to encourage and enhance these values.

By Angel Chan