Dubai offers ‘robot police dog’ to guard your home

By Sheena Amos

DUBAI 25 February 2018: Now you can get a police dog – albeit a robot – to guard your home and property in Dubai.

Dubai Police’s latest initiative has been unveiled  at the innovation week exhibition held at City Walk in Dubai.

The ‘Smart Dog’ weighs about 35 kilos and is equipped with a 360-angle wifi surveillance camera. The snaps can be then viewed directly by the property owners, or police. The device was produced in collaboration with Dubai Police, said English daily Gulf Today.

Smart Dog can not only alert the owner, but can also understands when one speaks. Further, it is capable of recognising certain actions and postures such as sitting, standing, walking and even hand-shakes. It is equipped with distance sensors – and can identify people approaching from afar.

The Dubai Police are keen on utilising the smart-dog’s ability to identify individuals from distance. They also plan to equip the new find with latest technologies and cameras that could help identify the “wanted” criminal, using ‘face recognition’ technology. The smart-dog can also help in detecting drugs and other prohibited substances, and further alert the concerned department.