Dubai says its safe for your kid to eat Cheetos

By Divi S.

DUBAI 6 March 2018: In response to a rumour circulating in the emirate through social media that Cheetos Hot Chips causes stomach infections in children, the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality clarified that this rumor is not true.

A series of articles and pictures were being spread through social media indicating the statistics with the Emergency Section in the municipality showed that an increased number of children have been treated for gastritis after eating Cheetos Chips, known as “Flamin’ hot”.

Rumours said the chips affects the pH balance due to the large number of spices it contains, leading to inflammation of the stomach with the claim that the laboratories confirmed that the added flavor of the chips also helps the pH imbalance.

The Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality said that the specialists in the Department reported that these rumors are not based on any scientific facts, studies or reliable sources.


The Food Safety Department confirmed that the article that was circulated is old and was published in 2013 and is being re-published on social networking sites frequently. It further clarified that the Cheetos Chips available in the country is imported from different sources from several countries, and each product may differ from another in the hotness of spices.

The Food Safety Department said that the source of the rumor was basically a complaint about products manufactured in the USA, and that any scientific statement should be issued by persons who are competent in the field they are talking about and be supported by scientific evidence or based on recognized scientific references.

Not Harmful

The Department further clarified that the Cheetos Chips follows the UAE and Gulf Standard No. UAE.S GSO 2272: 2012 for snacks and does not contain any components harmful to human health as all food products in the local markets are monitored by the Food Safety Department, both during manufacture or import or their circulation and shall be verified for conformity with the approved technical regulations, specifications, laws and legislations.

The official clarification comes within the “Confirmed News” initiative launched on Dubai Municipality portal, which aims to reduce the circulation of rumors that are spread through the means of social media and to correct false news and malicious rumors and address them quickly.

Dubai Municipality, represented by the Food Safety Department, is keen to ensure permanent and accurate control of all food products available in the market and that the safety of these products comes in the first place.