Dubai using drones to assess hi-rise fires, road crashes

By Rajive Singh

DUBAI 13 October 2017: Dubai has announced that it will use drones to assess the extent of the fires in high-rise buildings to help put them out as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Dubai’s Directorate General of Civil Defence, demonstrated at Gitex how it is deploying drones to respond more effectively in emergency situations. Deploying video solutions from Avaya, the drones can fly over an incident such as a fire or traffic accident, and provide live video feed back to the headquarters control room of Dubai Civil Defence. The solution has been implemented by ConnectIT, an Avaya partner and part of the Libatel group.

The latest upgrade to its drone fleet will use the Avaya infrastructure to create consistency across the directorate’s communications functions. By combining Internet of Things (IoT) applications with video communication tools, the drones can share real-time information with other mobile devices, while staff at the control room can gain faster insight into emergency situation and respond more effectively.

“One of our key responsibilities to the public is to remain fully alert while managing our resources effectively and efficiently in facing emergency situations. By collecting real-time video information faster and sharing that intelligence across more channels, we are better able to help Dubai progress towards its goal of becoming the happiest city in the world and achieve its Smart Vision goals.” Colonel Ali Hassan Al Mutawa, Assistant Director of Smart Services Department at Dubai Civil Defence.